Success Stories: Real-Life Experiences of Inpatient Drug Treatment

All of my peers were still at college partying while I was embarking on a spiritual journey. It was the most difficult and most brave thing I have ever done. “I wish I had some story to tell you about my horrible, abusive, and neglected childhood. One of addiction’s stereotypes is that it only affects those with dysfunctional families or a history of abuse. But when we spoke with Jules, we learned her story defied those ideas conclusively.

sober success stories

Don describes feeling as though he has finally seen the light and he now feels strong in his recovery. In challenging times, Don turns to prayer and meditation to keep his emotions in check. After 6 months of sobriety, Becki attended Narcotics Anonymous. At the meeting, she met many others in her situation, and she saw how they were enjoying being substance-free.

Sober Success Stories

The admissions team can verify insurance coverage and assist individuals in understanding their benefits and coverage options for the inpatient drug treatment program. Additionally, Lift Off Recovery offers flexible payment plans and financial assistance options for those without insurance coverage. The duration of the inpatient drug treatment program at Lift Off Recovery varies depending on individual needs and progress.

sober success stories

While some individuals may complete the program in 30 days, others may benefit from longer-term treatment options lasting 60 or 90 days. The length of stay is determined through ongoing assessments and collaboration between the individual and treatment professionals. One late night she called crying to say she had been [assaulted] and could I get her a room because she had nowhere to sleep. I got the room for her and made plans to drive to see her. When I got there, she still wasn’t ready to get help so I left her alone and told her to think about it. That night she was [assaulted] again and I went to pick her up and take her to hospital.

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Getting involved in a 12 step program and attending meetings on a regular basis has helped me grow to be a better person. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to stay sober and make a positive change in their life. Lift Off Recovery provides comprehensive aftercare planning and support to individuals transitioning back to daily life after completing the inpatient drug treatment program. The goal is to ensure a seamless transition and continued success in sobriety. Tough days might come, but with our supportive sober community, you’re never alone. Whether transitioning from a rehab center or another sober living in Los Angeles, we’re here to help.

I’m hesitant to be too optimistic, but I do continue to be hopeful. Approaching my loved one’s use with CRAFT has had such an impact on me. It’s lightened the burden of living with my son’s SUD and is helping me rebuild my life and my relationship with my son.

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Just like I talk about anything else going on in my life, this is a part of me. There are a lot of things I love in this world and sobriety is one of them, so I like to talk about that very openly. I don’t think it’s for everybody and I totally Art Therapy: Create To Recover respect that. But for me, I think it’s important as a sober person to share this experience and how good it can be. Because a lot of people think we just kind of hide, like you get sober and then you’re just detached from the rest of the world.

  • But no matter where you are in your recovery, Eudaimonia Sober Living Homes can provide support every step of the way.
  • But anyone who thinks we can’t afford effective drug treatment doesn’t understand the costs of addiction.
  • If we got into an argument, the resolution typically came after weeks of not speaking to each other.